In the film Minority Report, we see that advertising in the future is triggered by iris scanners who identify you by eye pattern and use that to have talking billboards address you by name. Our present is getting closer and closer to that science fiction scenario!

The latest musing on Google+ is over at SEO Chat, which asks How Google Plus Could Change SEO. There’s a list of features which Google+ adds, each of which have the handy side effect of offering more targeted advertising.

Briefly, the list is:

circles – tracks influencers

+1 button – tells user’s likes

sparks – shares interests

profile data – nothing new there

hangouts – group chats, could be targeted for more keyword focus

location data – get to know the potential customers in your area, anyone?

photos – soon to be crawled with facial recognition software
It’s coming! We can almost hear the hologram billboards at the subway terminal: “Jon Anderton! You could use a Guinness right now!”