1. Having your website linked from your Google+ profile gives it search credibility.

Simple fact. Plus if your business sells widgets, and you post to your Google+ account about your widget blog, and your location is known to Google, then when users search for widget merchants in your area, your site or your account will pop up closer to the top.

2. There’s fewer distractions on Google+.

Some users might compare Facebook and disdain the lack of things like having a “favorite music” or “books you’re read” section. But really, what does that do? Google+ also removed games, and has a general lack of gizmos entirely. That’s a good thing. There’s less noise, more room for you, yourself, to shine.

3. Google+ has superior market targeting.

Because Google+ has Communities, Hangouts, and Pages, all of them excellent opportunities to make connections through your product. Keep an eye out for communities that target your market, and be sure to post there. Make a few extra pages detailing your products and services. Host hangouts within your target market’s niche.

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