adwords-account-structureWhile adwords marketing is often a great way to get traffic and conversions in your business, it often becomes overwhelming for the newcomer to manage, especially when you have a great many keywords. You can have better success for less cost using just 10 exact match keywords if you take into account these few tips.

  • Choose short tail keywords for your digital marketing campaign.
  • Advertise on Bing. The keywords you use for marketing, will cost less and you won’t start a bidding war because many advertisers stay in the Yahoo environment.
  • Segment your campaigns by state/region/city/zip codes as this allows you to use more instances of the same keywords. It also helps you to track more easily which keywords are performing best for each area.
  • Use standalone campaigns to test things like ad text and landing pages.
  • To make your ads different and push the competition down, use all the extensions you can. This can also increase your quality score (QS) rating.


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