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How Can I Develop a Complete Online Law Firm Marketing Strategy?

Developing a complete online marketing strategy is important for pretty much all businesses, including law firms. For a law firm such as Perth based Culshaw Miller, having a complete digital marketing strategy will help you direct your marketing efforts, will help you identify your weak points, and will help you gain a competitive edge on other firms in your area.

Unfortunately, not all law firms make good use of their digital marketing budget. Money is wasted on inefficient or out-dated types of marketing, which means that results are well below what they could be. If you would like to get the most out of your law firm’s digital marketing budget, then keep reading!

Why Do We Need A Marketing Strategy?

This is one of the most common questions that we get asked by law firms. Well, the answer is simple:

“Without a clear marketing strategy, you won’t be able to direct spending to the right places. Your marketing budget will probably be wasted to some extent, and you won’t be getting maximum return on investment.”

Any large scale process involving the expenditure of money needs some sort of plan. When it comes to online marketing, a clear, comprehensive digital marketing strategy is the best way to plan.

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How to Manage Adwords Marketing with Fewer Keywords

adwords-account-structureWhile adwords marketing is often a great way to get traffic and conversions in your business, it often becomes overwhelming for the newcomer to manage, especially when you have a great many keywords. You can have better success for less cost using just 10 exact match keywords if you take into account these few tips.

  • Choose short tail keywords for your campaign.
  • Advertise on Bing. The keywords will cost less and you won’t start a bidding war because many advertisers stay in the Yahoo environment.

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Monitor Your Website Traffic – Search Engine Marketing

An online business website that depends on promotion and sales needs a good search engine marketing strategy to be successful and profitable. Generating targeted traffic to the website is the main function of a search engine marketing strategy.

A variety of different traffic building methods and techniques can be used to attract traffic to a particular website. One such widely used methods of search engine marketing that is used by online businesses to generate traffic is “pay per click”. Pay per click is an acceptable method used to attract traffic to your websites, however it is important to monitor it frequently to determine its efficiency in generating traffic that is beneficial to the project.

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Effective Pay Per Click landing pages

A landing page is the first page on your website that a potential customer will see when they click on your Google or Yahoo pay per click ad.

This page needs to be designed to convert the maximum number of visitors/leads.

Your landing pages should be professionally designed and should immediately confirm for the visitor that they will find what they came looking for by including the query term in the title and heading of the page.

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Things Web Analytics Can Teach You

For the purpose of SEO, you need to always be on the look out for the keywords that can bring in lots of traffic. However, it does not end there. What you also need to understand is, which keywords bring in more traffic, as well as conversions for you?

Unless you get visitors to become customers, to get huge traffic would be of no use. You should analyze, what gets you more visitors and also ensure that your sales are completed with them. This is where web analytics can be of immense help to you. You can literally listen to what your customers are saying by using web analytics tools, which are available.

The web analytical tools and test can give you the most valuable information about visitors. You can get a peek at their browsing and searching behavior.

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Search Engine Marketing Strategy

With growing technology, it has become easier to find any and everything on the Internet and the search engines play a vital role in helping people find relevant information.

Most Businesses have set up their websites and try to have their sites ranked high in the natural results of searches that are displayed to searchers.

This will bring the maximum exposure possible, and the ability to attract plenty of potential customers/clients.

The SEO’s job as we all know is to determine the keywords frequently used by visitors, but SEO alone is not enough. You need to conduct marketing efforts online that are aimed at increasing the traffic and conversion.

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Article Marketing – A Major Internet Marketing Strategy

Article marketing will let you establish yourself as an expert in your field, provide your site with increased traffic and lead to better search engine ranking for your site. Whatever be your area of expertise, you can be sure that there exists an audience, who is interested to learn more from you and there are many publishers, who are on the look out for low cost or free content.

However, simply writing and submitting articles that lack quality content is a waste of time and effort. Your articles provide you with an opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field. You therefore need to write like an expert. It is the best articles that fetch the best results.

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Can Advertisers Still See The Forest For The Trees?

A fascinating and soul-searching read at hand over at the Central Desktop Blog, on The evolution of the ad campaign. It talks about how moving the marketing industry into the web age has led to some advantages, but some disadvantages as well. The interesting point is the lack of “big ideas”.

We don’t see those really inspired advertisers that capture our interest. Instead, everything kind of blends into a slick, over-produced corn mush, with hardly any commercial distinguishable from product to product. Take this away – advertising is all about getting your potential customer to remember your product. If your marketing strategy doesn’t stand out in any particular way, your product won’t either.

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Utilizing Different Personality Types In Business

We’re all beautiful and unique snowflakes, are we not? We all have special skills to bring to the table, each of us good at one thing, none of us better at everything. Online marketing blog TopRank has a post on fitting all those snowflakes into one useful corporate snowman. Don’t you love that analogy?

It raises some interesting parallel discussions about how one could use customer’s personality types to market more efficiently. The Dominant customer could be sold with “Our product will help you conquer the world.” The Influential customer could be sold with “Get things done with our product.” The Steady customer could be sold with “Our product is the same tried, tested, and true solution you’ve come to expect.” And the Conscientious customer could be sold with “Our product is made with quality in mind.” Read more website strategies.

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He’s Right, This YouTube Ad Is Compelling!

You know what your goal should be with marketing? To make your advertisement so interesting that the user forgot that it wasn’t why they came there in the first place.

This post on Content Marketing Done Right is a good example. There’s one of those ads on YouTube – where you normally sit there waiting for the ‘skip ad’ button to pop up. Except, saith Chris Brogan, this ad is produced so well and hooks you so thoroughly that it’s tough to stop watching it.

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Are Good Guys Destined to Finish Last?

A very sobering blog post up at SearchEngineWatch, White Hats: This is Why You’re Getting Beaten, about how the bad guys are mopping the floor with the good guys.

(and is anybody else getting tired of the hat metaphor?)

Anyway, as good a point as is made there, we’d like to ask, “Is it really that way?” Because here’s the thing: attracting traffic to your website is all about converting sellers, via ads and point of sale. No matter what, that’s the goal.

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What’s in a Domain Name? Maybe Less Than Meets the Eye?

It’s interesting to see Marketing Vox’s reaction to the sale of the domain $13 million may sound like a sexy price, but is it really worth it? Vox says maybe so. We’re going to have to go with “maybe not.”

Now, for a unique brand name, yes. That’s expected. Pepsi had better control, and all the other possible pepsi-dot-anythings out there. Ditto for Microsoft, Walmart, Disney, and so on. We expect that a company that big can afford to control its own brand name, at least that far.

But when you get to generic domain nouns, not so much. Being in the candy business and owning “” at first sounds like a great idea… in 1998. But who, these days, actually blindly types domains into the address bar? We’d bet nine out of ten users today couldn’t tell us where the address bar is. Hoping to hit Google searches is the next bid, but Google searches don’t always blindly follow the domain name either.

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When Idealism Trumps Profit – In the Wrong Direction

California may be far away geographically, but there’s an issue right there that hits home for every web marketer. It’s really quite simple: Californians are going to vote soon on “proposition 19,” a resolution to de-criminalize marijuana for personal use. Note, we’re not talking about medical marijuana any more, we’re talking about lifting prohibition altogether.

Who cares? Well, apparently some major websites do. And the way they care is by refusing to run ads supporting Proposition 19. Yes, you heard that right. Not for any amount of money!

Facebook, for starters. They recently forbade even displaying an image of a marijuana leaf in an ad. And it’s quite ironic that we have to link to Wired to report this story, because Wired belongs to Conde-Nast Media, which also owns… And guess who else won’t run a pro-Prop-19 ad?

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Michael Arrington Thinks That Reputation Isn’t Going To Matter Anymore

Of course, this sounds like both irony and wishful thinking. Arrington both rides a wave of reputation to the bank each month (Techcrunch), being the only technology news source regularly quoted by Reuters and Associated Press, and dies a little on the sword of reputation each night, with the ugly rumours about his behaviour, his controversy for conflict-of-interest situations, and his abominable accuracy record.

But anyway, in “Reputation is Dead“, he makes a case that since it will be possible to find dirt on anyone, then that will mean that dirt won’t matter anymore. That’s the web of Facebook, Twitter, your old blog, what-have-you preventing you from getting that next marketing job. The counter-argument is that everyone will need to buy reputation-insurance. Continue reading

Internet Marketing – Microsoft Can Now Sic The Law On Its Competitors

We’re really trying not to sound like an end-of-the-world conspiracy blog this week, but there’s just been so many stories of dirty dealings by giant web companies that its difficult to avoid. Now there’s new complaints against Google in Europe, by three companies, two of which have ties to Microsoft.

The Google spokes-lawyer responds: “They were a long-time AdSense partner of Google’s, with whom we always had a good relationship. However, after Microsoft acquired Ciao! … we started receiving complaints about our standard terms and conditions.” Well, yeah, Microsoft does like its puppetry. Continue reading

Internet Marketing – A Blog Marketer’s Checklist

Setting up a blog to promote your marketing presence on the web is just half the battle. Once you get going, you have to keep going. But while you’re at it, be sure you aren’t just filling up space without attracting visitors. A few tips:

Fulfill the visitor’s expectations. – Posting regularly is important, as is keeping the content consistent. You want to draw the kind of audience who make best customers, and tailor your content that way.

Make the most of your traffic. – Social bookmarking icons, RSS feed icons within easy reach, and links to the rest of your site will help turn those one-time visitors into regulars.

Archive. – The worst thing you can do to a blog is make the past content difficult to access. Live Journal, we’re looking at YOU! Ditch the clumsy calendar and –, you too – maybe even the year-month-day tree structure too. Lists are your friend.

Watch the analytics. – Learn and adapt new strategies from watching the way visitors access your site. For instance, you might have a very popular image that appears in image search results. How about adding your website name to that image? Continue reading

Could September Finally Be Over Soon?

Once upon a time, the web was a frontier of exciting possibilities and intelligent conversation. Then America Online (AOL!) started up.

The influx of American kids logging in from Windows 3.1 machines completely swamped online culture, and it hasn’t recovered since. And long past the time when you thought AOL should have died, it keeps going, like a possessed Energizer Bunny.

Those of you who count on American customers for your web business, you know you have to allow for AOL users in your digital strategy. They still make up a tiny percentage of the web traffic!

Now Time-Warner is going to spin off AOL after having absorbed it 8 years ago. Amongst other ballast they’re dumping, they’re selling off… wait for it!… ICQ.

It takes a special kind of chutzpah to put a $300 million price tag on ICQ, in these days of Twitter hype. Yeah, sure, ICQ will come back any day now! But for a company that got its start as a game subscription service running on the Atari 2600, and has since survived not only the video game crash but the dot-com crash too, chutzpah is its middle name.

Blogging: Seven Dead Blog Tropes

Of course, every website owner with even a passing interest in search engine optimization has had the word “blog” pounded into them until they can’t take it anymore and started a blog. Now, when blogs were first starting up yonder ’bout a decade ago, these tropes were excusable. but now, many of the things that people were doing with them are now tired cliches. Check your blog to see if it’s suffering from any of those symptoms – if so, it might be time for a scraping!

1. Replying to every comment.
You are right that sometimes you want to engage your public. Appending more of your bright, witty banter to the tail of a good, solid gem of linkbait is the sensible thing, especially while you’re soaking up all this adoration. But when you’re responding to every single comment, even if it’s only as brief as “hey thanks!”, you’re saying two things: (1) You have nothing to do. You’re not that busy. Your whole life is this blog. (2) Your ego is so starved that you’re gobbling up every crumb of attention as if it were the last human interaction you’d ever get.

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Getting to Know a Niche Market

One of the prime goals for an Internet marketer who wants to market within a specific niche is to get to know that niche. A specific market demographic is likely to have a whole culture around it, and you run into trouble if you get the culture wrong when composing your marketing materials. Leather, metal, motorcycles, and lager will go over big with marketing to bikers, but will flop with selling needlepoint kits to grannies.

One of the most important demographics is the youth market. Billion-dollar advertising companies exhaust years of research into study groups of kids and young people aged 14 to 21, to find out what they listen to, what they eat, where they go, and what their current slang is.

By all means, it’s necessary to become a part of this culture if you intend to market to it. Your best bet is to join Twitter groups, social bookmarking sites, and mailing lists devoted to your target culture and then remain very quiet about it. Spend more time listening than you do talking. Every time you see an unfamiliar term, look it up in Wikipedia or some other source to get the origin of the phrase. Continue reading

What if We Had a Global Economic Meltdown and the World Didn’t End Anyway?

Our reigning web entrepreneur guru, Paul Graham, is questioning how this recession will affect start-up markets. We’ve seen a ton of hand-wringing going on over the state of the world market lately.

Here’s the thing that I’ll say which is different from what everybody else says: We’re going to survive.

Yes, believe it or not, we’ll make it! We’ve seen this before during the Web Bubble. Lots of web companies died off in a hurry, but did you ever notice that these were companies which weren’t based on a very good idea to begin with? The hardy companies that knew how to really make money kept going; they even got richer during the worst of the Web Bubble!

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Tips To Write A Good Pay Per Click Ad

Pay per click is among the most popular and successful methods of advertising your online business. Although pay per click is known to be an effective advertising tool, it has to be used accurately, in order to get the desired results. With numerous entrepreneurs using pay per click Ad technique, you really need to think of creative and innovative ways of putting up your Ad. Your pay per click Ad has to be good, in order to turn huge traffic to your website.

Pay per click Ad is the first step of pay per click campaigns. You need to understand that a browser will choose to visit your site, purely on the basis of the text in the advertisement. At this point, they don’t really know, what your product or service is all about and how would they benefit from it. The Ad has to be eye catching, so that the browsers are tempted to click on it.

Thus making of a pay per click Ad is a crucial stage and requires uniqueness along with creativity.

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Analyzing Your Competitors Website

When you develop your website to promote your products and reach out to relevant customers, you have to give due consideration to your competitors’ websites.

You should make a careful study of your competitors’ websites. It can give you an informative insight on strategies used by them to attract customers. You can form your own digital strategy based on relevant information to help you score over your competitors.

You have to know the value of competition.

Identify the leaders in your field. You can use Yahoo directory, which can provide you with a view of the major players in the field related to your own industry.

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The Importance Of Web Copy In Internet Marketing

Sales copy is part of traditional marketing and advertising activities and can be sent out to prospective buyers with the aim of informing them of a product or service.

It can inform them about how the product or service will benefit the prospective buyer and to provide relevant information in a way that may induce them to buy the product or service.

Similarly web copy is either long or short text in the form of web literature generally used for selling something over the internet.

However, despite the similarity of purpose, web copy differs a lot from a traditional sales copy sent by, say direct mail.

Though web marketing continues to apply the basic principles of traditional marketing it should use copy writing to successfully do the selling.

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More About The Importance Of Web Copy In Internet Marketing

While drafting and preparing your sales copy you need to be sensitive to the unique features of internet lingo. This will help you create effective web copy that readers will find exciting – and thus compel them to make a purchase.

Foremost among them is the style of writing. Netizens are more comfortable with information that is presented in a relaxed and informal way – unlike the type used in the usual direct mail sales material which tends to use hyperbole.

The writing style of web copy needs to be engaging and friendly with a soft-sell approach.

Web copy should describe the products with a personal touch creating a relaxed feeling in the reader. It shouldn’t sound like thrusting a product on a reader.

Internet users prefer a softer approach.

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All You Need To Know About Affiliate Internet Marketing

Affiliate marketing has gained popularity with the rising demand of online Internet marketing. It is an Internet based marketing that involves three parties:

– A merchant creator
– An affiliate of a particular merchant and
– The buyers

Affiliate marketing uses regular advertising methods, which include search engine optimization, email marketing, paid search engine marketing and display advertising. In affiliate marketing when one website is used to drive the traffic to another, it is known as online marketing. So, the key to success in Internet marketing is innovation. You have to make changes and create new ideas to earn profits and success in affiliate marketing.

How does affiliate marketing work?

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More About Affiliate Internet Marketing

It is better to promote products through affiliate marketing than selling products on your own.

– You don’t need to look after the customers’ complaints and queries.
– You can earn benefits from an established brand in the market.
– Billing and delivery of product can be taken care of by the affiliate program.
– You need not invest in stock.
– Usually refunds are absorbed by the program.

So, an affiliate marketer doesn’t have a product of his own because he starts affiliating by selling products for the merchant. Later on, he may start selling his own products. Affiliate marketing can be easily started with low investment. They don’t have to pay rent or hire utilities. Most of the affiliates start their business at their home as a one man operation. They outsource the projects, where they need help such as web design.

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Social Media & Viral Marketing

Social media marketing is the method for generating publicity through social media and online community websites.

It is important to know what social networks are.

While online dating websites could be considered the new ‘night clubs’, social networks are the new malls…places to hang out.

The malls are built by the users and not many rules prevail and without any rules users are connecting with each other and creating content for other people.

People are putting their personal lives online for public display in exchange for human connection.

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What is viral marketing?

It’s Simple.

Viral Marketing is marketing consumers transport for you.

It’s unique content or functionality they can’t get elsewhere and exploits the natural desire to be the first one around with something cool!

This is done through the use of networking in social book marking, video and photo sharing websites.

In a similar way the engagement with blogs achieves the same by sharing content.

Managing Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

By Peter Brittain – Managing Director Northland Digital & Slinky Internet Marketing

Managing websites is not merely optimizing the right terms in natural and pay per click searches but ensuring that the two work together. A common misconception is that there are tricks one can use in search engine marketing. In reality, there is no such thing as tricks in search engine marketing, which is in fact very similar to marketing in general. More often it is about getting the word about your products and services out, keeping the site updated with fresh content and generally ensuring that visitors recommend the site to others.

It will help if you attempt to make your site social media compatible by offering relevant information and news on the latest developments in the niche you are present in. These tactics are great marketing tools that help you to market your site to targeted audience effectively.

Search engine optimization and Pay per click strategies should compliment each other and not contradict each other.

You can ensure this by keeping a close watch on the terms that convert to leads on pay per click and the terms that bring traffic naturally to your website. If your websites appear on the first page naturally and on paid listings, it gives you an opportunity to advertise an additional message to the user. This will also keep your paid search budget well within your control.

If you notice that your natural ranking is consistently higher it means that your page is doing extremely well in Google’s complex Quality Score algorithm. This will result in making your PPC bidding lower compared to others in the same position and control your marketing budget.

Search marketing also has some technical aspects similar to other types of marketing activities. The website should have rich and updated content that is unique. Make sure the server is configured correctly and indexed. Search marketing requires all the efforts that print marketers make to keep production costs down and increase efficiency.

Spreading the word around is important in any marketing activity and search marketing is no exception to it, building links on friendly sites, blog, and other sites related to your sector is one way to do this. Your site becomes a talking point and helps your marketing effort.

Having done all the above it is important to measure the effectiveness of the marketing strategy. A Web analytics package such as Google Analytics, which is free, can help in this. Continuously monitor and track your PPC campaign, test ad groups and landing pages to see if they are targeting effectively. Keep updating the content on the site and get the word out.

Increasing site traffic is not the end you also need to track your conversion rates. If your website has gained an additional 500 hits a month you need to see how many of those additional 500 visitors actually got converted to being your customers.

Find ways to increase traffic and then find ways to increase the conversion rates to make your search engine marketing campaign a success.

Optimising your web pages for great Pay-Per-Click results

When you pay the search engines per click for traffic, it is a good way to work out very quickly if you have a problem with your website.

While it is vital to your internet marketing strategy that your website has quick load times – it is down right painful if you don’t have optimised landing pages for your Pay-Per-Click marketing!

If you are experiencing poor conversions from your test traffic, one of the first things that you should do is run a Web Page Speed Report for your site.

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