While drafting and preparing your sales copy you need to be sensitive to the unique features of internet lingo. This will help you create effective web copy that readers will find exciting – and thus compel them to make a purchase.

Foremost among them is the style of writing. Netizens are more comfortable with information that is presented in a relaxed and informal way – unlike the type used in the usual direct mail sales material which tends to use hyperbole.

The writing style of web copy needs to be engaging and friendly with a soft-sell approach.

Web copy should describe the products with a personal touch creating a relaxed feeling in the reader. It shouldn’t sound like thrusting a product on a reader.

Internet users prefer a softer approach.

Make sure that while reading your web copy the readers feel as if someone is talking to them and providing them with information they have been looking for. Even when the purpose is to secure a sale the tone should be more laid back.

You should provide the latest relevant information from the beginning aiming at conveying your message directly and clearly.

Once your message gets through to the reader, your ‘call to action’ should have them immediately act by going to your sales order form page or your ‘request a quote’ form.