Article marketing will let you establish yourself as an expert in your field, provide your site with increased traffic and lead to better search engine ranking for your site. Whatever be your area of expertise, you can be sure that there exists an audience, who is interested to learn more from you and there are many publishers, who are on the look out for low cost or free content.

However, simply writing and submitting articles that lack quality content is a waste of time and effort. Your articles provide you with an opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your field. You therefore need to write like an expert. It is the best articles that fetch the best results.

Your articles need to be focused, presentation should be lucid, the contents easily understandable and useful to the reader with correct grammar, punctuation and sequence of thoughts. Make sure that you do not use the article as a means to promote your products. It may have adverse effects. Also avoid using too many links in the text. If there are many links with most of them pointing to your website, it may make the publisher remove the links other than those in the resource box.

The links that you place in the resource box are the real payment for your efforts and expertise. The links work to generate fresh leads and build new links. It is advisable to keep everything as simple as possible in the resource box.

The best way to provide resource box information is to give your name, the name of your business and a short description of the services you offer and, if opportunity exists, your USP must not forget to link back to your own website. In case you have a number of sites, provide a link to the site, which is most closely related to the contents/topic of your article.

Article marketing is among the most economical methods of website marketing. It does not require you to possess special technical skills like HTML etc. and you can use it intelligently to promote your products and services and also raise your site’s ranking with search engines.