A landing page is the first page on your website that a potential customer will see when they click on your Google or Yahoo pay per click ad.

This page needs to be designed to convert the maximum number of visitors/leads.

Your landing pages should be professionally designed and should immediately confirm for the visitor that they will find what they came looking for by including the query term in the title and heading of the page.

Your page should have a clear call to action for your visitors to be able to either fill out a form, order a trial, buy a product, request a brochure or subscribe to a service.

The page needs to be succinct and not too heavy on text.

You should have at least one nice image – remember what they say about first impressions!

Your PPC landing page should include the price of the product or a price range for services, and provide a clear incentive to buy – either a discount, product comparison, service guarantee, support etc.

Your landing page should improve visitor retention rates and convert more visitors into leads or customers for your business.

If you have a product or service that is expensive in relative terms – my advice would be not to attempt to sell someone a car or apartment with their first visit – rather get a lead with their name, email address etc – and then plan the next step in your sales strategy – which could be a member of your sales team to send a brochure etc and follow up with a phone call or email.

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