Pay per click is among the most popular and successful methods of advertising your online business. Although pay per click is known to be an effective advertising tool, it has to be used accurately, in order to get the desired results. With numerous entrepreneurs using pay per click Ad technique, you really need to think of creative and innovative ways of putting up your Ad. Your pay per click Ad has to be good, in order to turn huge traffic to your website.

Pay per click Ad is the first step of pay per click campaigns. You need to understand that a browser will choose to visit your site, purely on the basis of the text in the advertisement. At this point, they don’t really know, what your product or service is all about and how would they benefit from it. The Ad has to be eye catching, so that the browsers are tempted to click on it.

Thus making of a pay per click Ad is a crucial stage and requires uniqueness along with creativity.

Here are a few tips to write a good Pay Per Click Ad.

• The title or the headline has to be catchy and attractive. It should speak about the product in a smart and quickest way. The title should not be misleading, but should spell out the truth. The title can have upto 25 characters and you need to use them in a descriptive manner.

• The pay per click Ad should be able to show, how it can benefit the visitors. Most people will get back to the website, when they learn about, how the product can benefit them. The Ad has to be attractive and tempting to lure the visitors to your website.

• Make sure that the URL makes sense to the visitors. Use appropriate keywords in the URL to attract more clicks. To make the most, you can capitalize the first letter of your keyword. For example www., instead of this you can use . It is effective, when you place keywords in your domain name.

• Use proper font size and colors that look decent to the eyes. You can use boxes and borders to make your Ad visible. However make sure, you don’t do too much of it or it could spoil the appearance.

• Make a good research, when it comes to using keywords in your pay per click Ad.

• Make sure that the Ad looks great on sites. Before you finalize the Ad, it is best to preview it on the website, so that you know, if it can attract the potential customers.

• To be on a safer side, it is best to create two pay per click Ads. You can upload both the Ads and check, which one is yielding better results. If both the Ads are giving good results, you are sure to benefit and if not you can only stick to the Ad that is attracting huge traffic.

Taking care of these tips will surely help you to create an appealing and traffic generating Ad. Let there be proper planning, so that you take the right steps at the right time. A well-designed Pay Per Click Ad can make a huge difference to your online business.