We’re really trying not to sound like an end-of-the-world conspiracy blog this week, but there’s just been so many stories of dirty dealings by giant web companies that its difficult to avoid. Now there’s new complaints against Google in Europe, by three companies, two of which have ties to Microsoft.

The Google spokes-lawyer responds: “They were a long-time AdSense partner of Google’s, with whom we always had a good relationship. However, after Microsoft acquired Ciao! … we started receiving complaints about our standard terms and conditions.” Well, yeah, Microsoft does like its puppetry.

Meanwhile the same article goes on to mention the Italian case against Google for hosting a video showing a school bullying incident. Google responded to the complaint, took the video down, and got sued anyway. Not the company, mind you. Instead four Google employees in Italy got criminally prosecuted, personally – and they had nothing to do with the video! We can not, repeat, not find any Microsoft involvement with this one.

Really, it seems these days that all the tech news boils down to Microsoft, Adobe, Google, and Apple all at each other’s throats. Can somebody find some other kind of story to cover?